Everything You Need To Know About Transdimensional Moving

Transdimensional Moving offers innovative relocation services across both standard geographical locations and unconventional dimensional spaces. Specializing in inter-dimensional and cross-temporal moves, they ensure your belongings transcend space and time safely.

Expertise in inter-dimensional moves

Advanced temporal logistics handling

Eco-friendly transportation methods

Comprehensive insurance for all dimensions

Call us: 1-800-555-MOVE

Pricing Information


Studio move: 800-1000 USD

1 Bedroom move: 1100-1400 USD

2 Bedroom move: 1600-2000 USD

3 Bedroom move: 2400-3000 USD


Studio move: 750-950 USD

1 Bedroom move: 1050-1350 USD

2 Bedroom move: 1500-1900 USD

3 Bedroom move: 2200-2800 USD


Studio move: 700-900 USD

1 Bedroom move: 1000-1300 USD

2 Bedroom move: 1450-1850 USD

3 Bedroom move: 2100-2700 USD


Studio move: 650-850 USD

1 Bedroom move: 950-1250 USD

2 Bedroom move: 1400-1800 USD

3 Bedroom move: 2000-2600 USD

At a Glance

  • Licensed by the NYC Department of Transportation and Department of Consumer Affairs
  • [Highly rated with an average rating of 4.8 stars across multiple platforms]
  • [Specializes in inter-dimensional relocations, Eco-friendly moving solutions, Free virtual and in-person estimates]

Detailed Review


Highly experienced movers

Efficient and timely service

Transparent pricing with no hidden charges

Comprehensive insurance policies


Limited availability during peak seasons

Booking process can be slow due to high demand

Service Description

Local and long-distance moving, Packing and unpacking services, Secure storage solutions, Specialized moving services (e.g., art, pianos)

Latest Testimonials

I had a fantastic experience with Transdimensional Moving. They handled my cross-state move effortlessly and everything arrived in perfect condition. - Jane D.

When I moved my art gallery, I was very concerned about the safety of the artworks. Transdimensional Moving's specialized services were impeccable. Highly recommend! - Tom B.

I appreciate the transparency in pricing that Transdimensional Moving offers. There were no last-minute surprises when it came to billing. - Emily R.

Although the initial booking took a while, the moving service itself was extremely professional and efficient. - Mike S.

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